iOS Beta is Live!

The first beta version of the iOS app is finally available to all the testers!

iOS Beta is Live!

It's finally here! This new version is the first one to be released on both Android and iOS at the same time. Invites will be sent by email to anyone enrolled. If you haven't already, you can still enroll on the site.

Version 0.1.12 also adds a bunch of fixes and improvements:

  • long press to copy kanji, words and sentences
  • tap the Home icon to go back to the Dashboard
  • easier to read Sans Serif font for large Japanese text, set by default for Novice/Beginner, can also be set in Account > Preferences > Japanese Collection > Font, Furigana and Limits

Happy testing :)

Detailed Changelog of Version 0.1.12

- Copy kanji, Japanese word or sentences with a long press
- Displays large Kanji and Japanese text with an easier to read Sans Serif font
- Sans Serif font is set by default for Novice/Beginner level
- Sans Serif font can be set in Preferences > Japanese Collection > Font, Furigana and Limits
- Go back to Dashboard by tapping on the Home button when already on the Home tab
- Bookmarking a page without being signed in will first prompt the user to Sign In
- Removed edit/delete buttons on the List cards, the buttons are now on the app bar when a List is opened
- Edit List dialog is replaced with a bottom sheet
- Removed shake bug reporting on ios, use the native testflight screenshot method instead
- Dashboard shows a Latest News card (triggered remotely with Firebase Remote Config)
- Dashboard shows an Update Available card when a new version is available
- Fixed Kanji Readings listing words that do not match the reading
- Fixed characters spacing in words that have furigana wider than the word itself
- Fixed keyboard navigation in the Sign In dialog and the Search sheet
- Fixed background becoming transparent when pressing back on Search Results pages
- Fixed Bookmark button not working after signing in on pages that were opened before signing in
- Fixed missing app bar and back button on Search Results pages that have no results
- Stops automatically opening kanji/word of a List when there is only one item
- Refreshes the page after updating a List's details
- Notifies that the Sign In is successful
- Improves look of navigation bar with color tint and blurred opacity on ios
- Improves look of Search by Radical Input screen with an ios-style Sliding Segment instead of multiple chips
- Improves shadows softness
- Improves toast bar notifications look
- Adds a scrollbar
- Makes Search Bottom Sheet taller on Radical and Tag Input tabs
- Adds gradient on Welcome page's title
- Adds Firebase crashlytics and performance