New kanji keywords and dictionary updates

v0.7.7 brings a complete rewrite of 3997 kanji and components keywords, fixes character decompositions, updates the dictionaries, and more than a few bug fixes and performances optimizations, especially to the web app.

New kanji keywords and dictionary updates

The main change in Kanjiverse Beta 0.7.7 is that all copyrighted keywords from RTK (Remembering The Kanji) have been replaced with new cherry picked keywords from public sources, based on their etymology or most common usage in Japanese.

Therefore in addition to the official 2136 jōyō kanji and 863 jinmeiyō kanji (extra kanji that can legally be used in personal names in Japan), 998 components (radicals or non official kanji) have been assigned a keyword, for a total of 3997 characters that should cover more than you'll ever need in your Japanese studies :)

This list is distributed under the license CC-BY-SA 4.0 so feel free to use it in your own projects by mentioning Kanjiverse as the source, along with a link to the list, either or
Note that the list is not in its definitive version, there might still be typos, misinterpretations, or other inaccuracies. If you spot any, please report them to me so we can improve the list for everyone :)

v0.7.7 has also updated JMdict dictionary (for the first time in more than a year!), fixed many of the kanji decompositions, removed irrelevant Chinese meanings, along with bug fixes and performances improvements, especially for the web app. See the following for details of all changes since v0.7.0 which was the previous mobile app version.

v0.7.6 Changelog

  • pre warm shaders on mobile app
  • [Android] fixed too sensitive shake gesture (to send feedback)
  • fixes many Glyph Graph compositions with data from Wiktionary
  • updated kanjidic and JMdict dictionaries to latest version
  • fixed search by References:number, Official Kanji List, and JMdict tags
  • fixed crash for /kanji/ pages
  • added Kanji Radical and Phonetic tags to Kanji Tags & Meanings card
  • redesigned some icons: radical, phonetic, component, composition
  • fixed height of Show More/Less button in Kanji Meanings & Tags card
  • filters out special characters in keywords in Glyph Graph and Glyph Tiles
  • adds full keyword to Kanji Meanings card
  • denser layout for list indices of definitions and sentences

v0.7.5 Changelog

  • fixed transition animation when opening a page with a direct link
  • [WEB] updates html meta and title with the current page

v0.7.4 Changelog

  • [WEB] greatly optimized first load speed by splitting app bundle in half instead of hundreds of
    small files

v0.7.3 Changelog

  • fixed notification cards not being fetched on opening/refreshing
  • [WEB] adds /search?q= to open the a page directly with a quick search of English, Japanese,
  • [WEB] fixed browser dynamic title add "| Kanjiverse" after the page name
  • [WEB] optimizes rendering for google search robots

v0.7.2 Changelog

  • fixed token being refreshed concurrently when multiple queries are sent simultaneously
  • fixed "Go to Downloads" button link
  • fixed sliders width on large screen
  • makes text selectable for Japanese text and definitions
  • shows social media links in Beta Testing card
  • [WEB] fixed /account/about route
  • [WEB] fixed infinite loading when loading page in /kanji, /kotoba, or /lexicon
  • [WEB] fixed mouse hover/focus/pressed color
  • [WEB] fixed Google Sign In on iOS
  • [WEB] shows X button on mouse hover dismissible cards
  • [WEB] add meta tags and new thumbnail image for web app and dynamic links
  • [WEB] replaced splash screen with animated svg

v0.7.1 Changelog

  • fixed Settings Cards becoming opaque black when disabled
  • redesigned switches with a flat design common on all platforms
  • [WEB] removed unused assets/icons
  • [WEB] optimized first load by splitting app in hundreds of small js files and loading firebase in