Terms Update and Profile Page

The Privacy Policy and Terms of Service have been updated to clarify usage and give users greater control over their personal data.

Terms Update and Profile Page

The Privacy Policy and Terms of Service have been updated to cover the usage of Kanjiverse on both mobile and web, clarify how user-generated content is licensed, and give more control to the user over their data. In v0.6.1, users are now able to download all their data or delete their account from their Profile page.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Updates

Please review the updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. By continuing to use the Kanjiverse app or website you agree to those terms. Here is a summary of the main changes:

  • transferred copyright from myself to App Brewing Company Ltd
  • updated wording to cover the Kanjiverse mobile app and Kanjiverse website usage under the same terms, and specific terms for Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • added detailed Cookie Policy and GDPR compliance with option to opt out from analytics cookies
  • added Acceptable Use Policy to the Terms of Service
  • listed information collected by analytic tools
  • clarified the use of user-generated content and that by default they are licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 (same as Wikipedia)

Profile Page

v0.6.1 provides more details and control over your personal data (only applies to signed in users), go to Account and tap on the Profile card to open the Profile page, where you can do the following:

  • see your name, email address and linked accounts if you have signed in with different social accounts (Apple, Google, etc.) that share the same email address
  • Download Data returns a human readable JSON file that contains all your data stored on our servers
  • Sign Out
  • Clear History deletes your search history on our server but preserves it on your device (only newer entries will be sent to the server)
  • Delete Account will permanently delete from our servers all information about you, including published content, settings, profile info and all linked accounts

Detailed Changes & Fixes in v0.6.1

- moved Sign Out button from Account to Profile page
- moved Clear Caches button from Settings to Downloads & Caches page, also clears local History
- moved Delete Search History button from Settings to Profile page
- fixed Sign In/Out not "resetting" the app and leaving on previously visited pages
- fixed BookmarkSheet + button not creating the list
- fixed settings reverting to previous value when the user makes changes too fast (less than a few seconds)
- fixed Glyph Graph and Formula Settings's depth sliders jumpy behavior by adding fixed divisions on them
- fixed shimmer animation color
- fixed Sign Out crash
- fixed navigating to unknown route (like a deleted vocabulary list) popping out the current page
- fixed missing alert when trying to sign in with unexisting email
- [Android] fixed app bar fading transition animation