Profile Update

The migration to the new API was completed successfully! Check out your new profile and be ready for upcoming updates that will change the way you learn, create, and share with Kanjiverse!

Profile Update

The migration to the new API was completed successfully! Although the impact should appear minimal on your side, this was a huge architectural change and will facilitate the implementation of large scale features that would not have been possible otherwise. Be ready for new updates in the coming months that will change the way you learn, create, and share with Kanjiverse!

Regarding the migration

First of all, to avoid any data loss, please update your app to the latest version (check in Account > About that it is at least 0.17) and do not mix up older and new versions if you are using multiple devices, or the web app. You will also need to redownload all dictionaries since their format has changed too.

Note that the new API is not fully backward compatible so you won't be able to sign in with an older version of the app, nor will you be able to bookmark new items, or see shared sentences and upcoming content.
If you encounter any issue after the migration, contact me via the usual channels, the best way is on our Discord server, search for Siri.

Meet your new profile

Once you have updated the app, you will be notified that your account has been migrated. Head over to the Account tab to sign in again. You will notice that your name and profile pic are gone and replaced with a randomly generated username and avatar such as:

Profile Page showing a randomly generated username and avatar.

The username is a randomly generated combination of a Japanese adjective + noun + number. The avatar is auto generated, based on the username. Changing the username will automatically update the avatar to a unique combination.

You can generate random username by pressing the refresh icon next to the username, or your can input your own. It must be a combination of 4 to 32 letters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9) and underscores (_).
Your username should be unique, respect our Term of Services (no offensive language), and not impersonate someone else or a company. We reserve the right to reset your username if it violates those terms.

In upcoming releases, your username and avatar will be displayed as attribution on all your shared contributions (sentences, lists, etc.). Other users will also be able to search by username, see your public profile (displaying all your shared content) and follow you. Of course none of this is mandatory and you can simply keep your content private which is set by default when creating a list or sentence.

Protecting your privacy

The following changes have been made to improve the privacy and security of your data:

  • When Signing in with Google you will no longer be required to share your name and profile, only your email address (which we do not share with third parties).
  • Any previously shared name and photo URL have already been deleted from our servers.
  • Your username and profile pic have been replaced by a randomly generated username and avatar so you can share content and remain anonymous.
  • Your sensitive data (API tokens and profile information) are encrypted on your device.
  • Custom Lists and Sentences are set to private by default. You can opt-in later if you want to share them.
  • As before, you can delete your whole account from the Profile screen and we'll make sure to scrap any piece of data from our servers.
  • And of course, if you never had an account, this does not even concern you ;)

Custom sentence bookmark

You can now bookmark your own sentences, just like that:


Few things to note:

  • User sentences are private by default, you will have the option to share them in the next release.
  • Bookmarked or not, sentences are saved in your history for faster and offline lookup.
  • Downloading your user data from Profile will also download all your sentences.

Other fixes in version v0.17

  • fixed non Japanese characters not allowed in sentence analyzer
  • fixed text selection to ignore furigana
  • fixed search list not returning owned lists
  • fixed sheet background scrim color, chip border and text field background
  • fixed list updates not being synced everywhere in the app
  • fixed search by kanji readings not returning results when there is an okurigana dot
  • fixed sort by JMDict POS, dialect, field, misc
  • fixed double tap on navigation bar icon not going back to the root page
  • fixed Go to Downloads button not going to the Downloads page
  • fixed Download tile status and icon not updated correctly when the download is complete
  • fixed race condition when toggling bookmark too quickly
  • fixed delete list button error message when list was already (partially) deleted
  • fixed frequency filter of word search results
  • fixed error messages when going offline or attempting a refresh while offline
  • fixed first navigated item not being added to your History when opening the app
  • fixed Search Sheet not remembering the last tab open (opens on keyboard tab the first time)
  • changed all downloadable dictionaries to more compact format
  • suggests references and strokes tag when typing digits in the search bar
  • improved search capabilities on offline dictionaries
  • improved latency when fetching data from server
  • preload user settings, history and lists when opening the app
  • Reset all Settings also resets Theme Mode and History Filter
  • IOS: fixed animation jank
  • WEB: show Downloads & Cache page to give access to Clear Caches button
  • WEB: fixed ink sparkle when pressing buttons and tiles
  • WEB: disable handwritting tab (not available)