Full-fledged Offline Dictionary

Sayonara loading time, latency, and "server is unreachable" errors, all dictionaries can now be searched offline!

Full-fledged Offline Dictionary
No internet required

Sayonara loading time, latency, and "server is unreachable" errors, all dictionaries can now be searched offline! Go to Account > Downloads & Caches, press Download All and enjoy a frictionless experience :)

See it in action here... oh, and yes, this is my first youtube upload! subscribe to the channel, video tutorials are coming soon...

Search all dictionaries without an internet connection.

It is recommended to download all dictionaries with wifi (it's about 100Mb zipped). Note that once installed, it will take more than 500Mb on your device.

Other noteworthy features in this version

  • Text selection finally behave as expected! Long press to select any English or Japanese text, even across different cards. Note that furigana will be ignored.
Text selection with native behavior.
  • The current page's Japanese word is highlighted in all sample sentences. This has been a requested by a community member, do not hesitate to comment on the social media posts or join us on Discord to share your feedback.
Searched word is highlighted in sentences.

What features work offline?

If a dictionary is downloaded, all that can be done online will also work offline, that includes:

  • Loading any of its page, from links, your History, and Lists.
  • Loading the content of Kanji Readings and Compounds cards.
  • Searching in English, Japanese, romaji, kana, by kanji components, or any combination of tags like JLPT level, etc.
  • Refreshing the random word and sentence on the Dashboard.
  • Bookmarking the page in one of your Lists.
  • Loading and editing your Lists.
  • Loading shared Lists from your History.

What still needs internet access

  • Creating a new List needs internet access once (if there is no internet, the + button will be greyed out). Already created Lists can be edited and items bookmarked even while offline, the changes will be sync with the cloud when internet is available.
  • My Lists feature is only unlocked after signing in, therefore internet access is required during the first sign in but won't be necessary after.
  • Searching content shared by other users (currently only Lists can be shared). Content viewed once is saved in the cache and can still be displayed offline.
  • Synchronizing History, Lists, and settings with the cloud.
  • Downloading the dictionaries.

Changelog for v0.10.0

  • all dictionary are downloadable including Tatoeba sentences
  • Search bar is fully functional offline (including tag queries) if the corresponding dictionary has been downloaded
  • Kanji Readings, Word Compounds, Random Word and Sentence work offline if the corresponding dictionary has been downloaded
  • any text can be selected, even across different cards, furigana are not included in the selection
  • long press to copy is replaced by standard text selection
  • optimized loading time, do not show loading shimmer if data is in cache
  • Downloads Page show the size of the files to download (zipped) and the size on the device (unzipped) when installed
  • current page's Japanese word is highlighted in all sample sentences
  • online search by English word will also search for similar word (e.g. skillful also search for skillfuly)
  • fix server error message displayed at every page change when offline
  • fix access to deleted Lists
  • fix deleted lists still shown in Bookmark Sheet
  • fix ruby text height spacing
  • fix page scrolling being stalled while sentences are loading
  • fix numbers formats
  • fix ? and * wildcard in search queries
  • fix Search by Radical missing kanji
  • fix Search by Frequency missing some results
  • [Android] fix splash ripple color
  • [Android] system navigation bar color change according to theme and phone orientation
  • [IOS] fix ios navigation bar text size when OS font size is different than default