A new version is available to beta testers on the play store! This release fixes (all?) issues with the autocompletion's suggestion lists (it won't hide outside the screen anymore) and adds a bunch of new filters including the convenient Sort By filters.

Sort By filter autocompletion

Kanji Collection

The Sort By filters can be autocompleted when you type "sort" or the name of what you want to sort:

  • sort kanji by character, #strokes, frequency, grade/JLPT/kanken level, glyph composition, glyph formation, references (e.g. RTK index)
  • sort words by Japanese variant, English definition, frequency, part-of-speech (aka grammar), field, dialect, misc
  • sort results in ascending or descending order
  • they can also be chained, in the order you typed them

Here are a few examples of what you can do with them (from left to right):

  • sort joyo kanji by grade then frequency
  • sort kanji in their RTK order
  • sort all computer related nouns by frequency

All the other fixes in version 0.1.10:

  • adds autocomplete for more filters such as Katakana, Collection, Kanji Readings, References (i.e. RTK, dictionary indices, etc.)
  • fixed search bottom sheet being hidden behind the navigation bar
  • fixed suggestion list overflowing on the right of the screen
  • fixed pressing filter in the search bar make the dialog move behind the navigation bar
  • fixed crash when Kanji has no meanings and no keyword
  • fixed some unrecognized radicals/subcomponents
  • fixes parenthesis and comma issues in kanji meanings
  • fixed * wildcard not working in english words
  • fixed 'any' value not returning anything when searching by level (grade, jlpt, kanken) or references (RTK, wanikani, etc.)
  • fixed suggestion list height overflowing on the top of the screen
  • fixed radicals not being ordered correctly in the radical input method tab
  • changes the font of radicals input to sans serif
  • forces a update of all pages when user switch their level